One Adulterous Fuck

I am a girl with many screw-ups... I make out with Married Men and I steal for the thrill of it. But that's life, oh well 💁
ULTIMATE OTP: Me x Dan Howell
Never gonna happen btw but lets have a little hope shall we?

SoftGrungexDrugsxSexySexyTimexRandomShitxDanHowell = My Blog ٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶

I really don't know where I'm going with my bio but its much different than last time because my life is pretty good at the moment and I badly needed an update.

🍙 I'm Asian as well, what more could you ask for? 🍙



when people don’t realize that i’m being sarcastic 


What on earth where do these gifs even come from

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me: *writes background of story*

me: *does character development sheets*

me: *makes characters on various online dressup games*

me: *never actually writes*

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